Dr. Lauren Crigler is a Pelvic Health Physical Therapist with 12 years of experience helping women and couples solve their most intimate problems. Now, she wants to help YOU! She created Her Whole Life as an online school to solve problems and navigate safely through pregnancy, sexual wellness, and other intimate issues. VIP course options allow you to connect with her directly. You'll have a pelvic health physical therapist and intimacy coach in your pocket. (And she has an OB/GYN hubby in her pocket too!)

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“I was lucky to have a smooth first pregnancy overall. Nausea was the only bad thing during the beginning of my pregnancy. My second pregnancy was completely different. After 30 weeks, I found out I could not stand up without peeing all over myself. It was so embarrassing. When I met Dr. Lauren Crigler, she was so encouraging and shared her personal and professional experience. So I told myself, “if she can do it, I can do it!” I can’t say thank you enough!!!”

-Jen H.

“After my 3rd baby, I thought my vagina was broken! I just couldn’t imagine getting back to sex. Even though I was told by my OB that my vagina was healed, I learned I had deeper scar tissue and tight muscles in my vagina. Who knew that was a thing?! Well, Dr. Lauren did, and she taught me how to fix it. - Thank you so much!!!”

- Jennie S

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Photo by Anthony Brown

"I have very tight hips and a tight pelvis and I was honestly worried about how I would be about to tolerate childbirth. Dr. Crigler teaches so thoroughly, answered all my questions, and prepared me well. I had a great birth experience!"

-Amy T.

Hi, I’m Dr. Lauren Crigler,

I am a doctor of physical therapy who specializes on pelvic health. I treat women with pregnancy, postpartum, and intimacy concerns. I get excited about serving women in some of the most important times in their life.  Inspired by recent limited options for physical therapy for many of the patients I serve, I felt these online courses could provide a wonderful all in one resource for women who need my services.